I've spent a good time of time online and that has given me a solid opinion on various topics. Everyone online has these, and everyone believes their own is correct. Its impossible to convert a "true" Chrome user to try out Firefox, just likes its impossible to convince users on a OS-X website that Windows is better. I recently stumbled upon a user who was against PayPal more than anyone I'd ever seen. I can understand if you have a bad encounter with them, get a couple of charge-backs and then PayPal is your enemy. However, this user would go out of his way to find every reference to PayPal and bash it. Linking to random Google stories as his source of facts.  I confronted this user on a public forum about his constant accusations and how I don't wish to read such slander every morning. To my surprise, I awoke the next morning to a 9 paragraph post trying to explain the hatred towards PayPal. I simply re-stated the fact I don't care, just stop flaunting this nonsense all around every topic possible. He responded again with tinyURLs of (Let Me Google That For You) or LMGTFY, of various sketchy PayPal stories. I took that as a personal offense, because he could not link a direct story to me. Long story short...

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