Ramblings of a Tampa developer

The internet is a home to millions of user created content, which is released for free to the public. I wrote a modification for a popular PC game and released to a group of players for free. Little did I know what I just had started. 10 thousand downloads later users are asking me hundreds of support questions. They think that just because they installed my modification that any issue they encountered is caused by my plugin. Granted, sometimes it is. However, I've only found that to be the case twice.

I have a donate button attached to my product, where I ask users to buy me a beer for using my free product. Currently at 10,021 downloads I only have 2 donations, which totals 7 bucks. I'm outraged. I spend hours updating this plugin for every release of this game and not one user can donate to help.  Not to mention the hundreds of posts I exchange with users debugging their problems which 9 out of 10 times is their own fault configuring something wrong.

So I stopped. The amount of communication was insane, people finding all sources of my contact information and bitching at me to update something for free. I then received a PayPal donation of $20 and someone asked in the donation field, "Please update this". That got my attention. I went ahead and updated the project, and the mass support queries continued. I now provide zero support and only update the plugin at my own time.

The manners of some people online are just outrageous. You can't get anything outside the internet for free and a good deal of the online users demand and threaten things for no price.