Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T. To my surprise the Android modding community, which is around 5 million users, already had quite a headstart on the device. However, my little SGS3 - AT&T Variant was different than the international version. So I was left out of that boat. This isn't un-common, as it happened with my Inspire 4G. Which was known around the world as a Desire HD (DHD), but to AT&T and me it was an Inspire 4G. I could flash Desire HD ROMs, I just wouldn't have audio, which one simple flash would fix that. However, now we are talking about different processors and chip sets among the variants. Flashing another variant ROM can damage a phone.

The 2 separate phones don't end there. There is also 7 different variants for one phone. These variants can be explained with the image on the left. Its unbelievable. The phone has 7 variants of itself. That means the 5 million+ member community that makes up the Android community is forced to develop the same phone 7 different ways. Why is this? Obviously the basebands of the networks come to mind, but companies I'm sure, given the effort could bypass that roadblock.

I urge all future companies. We want our SGS3 to be an SGS3 everywhere. We want an easy process. An international HTC One X doesn't even exist in America. The so called American "HTC One X" is actually a variant of the international HTC One XL, so on top of the problem of phone variants is the problem of mis-labeling phones in America.

If HTC announces a One X at their press conference internationally. I expect that phone to arrive in America on AT&T, but what? I get an HTC One XL variant called the "HTC One X". What has come to this smart phone world?