Ramblings of a Tampa developer

I might be the only one who thinks this, but how and by which power was the government allowed to completely shut down an entire city for an entire day over one person. People forced to stay inside their homes against their will. What happened to families who needed medicine or families that were separated?

It seems a dangerous precedent was just set. One that allows our government to halt an entire city and bring in the military going door to door. Not men in suits, but military. Guns, armored vehicles and weapons. An intimidating and scary sight as officers demand your identification on the road. There is no understanding what affect this will have to the children who were present in Boston that day. If you ask me, the terrorists won this round. They successfully killed innocent people, wounded innocent people, got plastered around the media, and shut down an entire urbanized city for 24 hours.

What happened to protecting the constitution? Its like the 4th and 5th amendments didn't exist during that day. It seems this "lockdown" didn't even help, the suspect was not found during this time. He was however spotted by a regular citizen on his back porch after the "lockdown" was lifted.