Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

From both a developer and browser point of view, this browser is utter crap. The amount of features it lacks and problems it causes makes it the worst browser still used today. Businesses and schools all over the world still use a 9 year old browser. The multitude of bugs in IE6 makes browsing modern sites near impossible. Some of these bugs include

  • The lack for PNG transparency support
  • Problems using numbered list
  • Using position:absolute screws it up
  • Using percentages as dimensions messes it up
  • Must include a DOCTYPE otherwise more errors
  • The problem with floated elements
  • The lack of rounded corners with new CSS styles
  • The overall look of the browser compared to others is pathetic

There is plenty of sites that are encouraging users to switch browsers and trying to push IE6 off the market. More money yearly is going to developing for IE6 compatible sites. Instead that money could go to a better cause. You may not notice a change on popular sites in IE6, but that's because they have millions of dollars to spend towards IE6 development. Small time website developers cannot take the time or money to code support for it. For someone who knows little about web design, you must have noticed some websites that just look differently in IE6.

Just don't upgrade to IE8 though, switch browsers and learn about the other ones. You can try Firefoxor Google Chrome. Just get off the IE bandwagon, their browser doesn't even support rounded corners using CSS. Theres a more advance explanation on why, but I'll pass on that. Please if you use Internet Explorer 6 contact your IT department and voice your opinion.

Next Week: Understanding DDoS and what it is.

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