Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

Welcome to the blog.

I'm Connor and I decided in 2017 to blog weekly. Previous to that I would only blog when upset or when a brilliant idea came to mind. This blog is the journey of years of blogging.

I currently live in Tampa, Florida working and programming at Sourcetoad.

title about graduating from school - January 2016

I graduated from University of Arkansas in 2015 with a Computer Science degree and now spend my time on too many hobby projects.

Apktool Homepage

Most projects are private and will never reach the public light, but some are quite popular like Apktool, which I've been maintaining for almost a decade and blogging about that experience. I'm blogging about every project that I can slowly under the Projects tag using the Ghost software.

I can almost guarantee not every blog I write will fit your fancy, but just take a gander at the tags. If you know me, you might want a bit of a deep dive into my personal life. If you recognize me from the Halo/Xbox scene, maybe take a peek at the Halo/Xbox tags. If you strictly care about Apktool, you can filter for that as well. If you saw me at a talk - it was probably about Cicada 3301 or you just wanted to find my slide deck(s).

I wish you the best and hope an article was worth the read. If not, feedback is always welcome.

If you want a weekly email to follow even closer. An email subscription is available via the orange floating button in bottom right or via the subscribe page. You'll get an email anytime a post goes out, which is roughly Sunday around 11pm Eastern. I'll never share your email and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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