Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

Apktool 2.0.0 Beta 9 has been released with lots of fixes, enhancements and re-factoring.

Another release, coming after our last public release of Beta 7. This version still requires Java 7. This issue is an ongoing discussion whether to embrace 1.7, which was released in July of 2011 or rewrite code back to 1.6.

Changes since Beta 7

  • Updated to smali/baksmali 2.0.3
  • [#473] Frameworks will multiple ResPackages are handled correctly.
  • [#550] Fix incorrect labeling of <array> in arrays.xml
  • [#571] Fix prematurely truncated strings - jtmuhone
  • [#578] Fix apk's with multiple empty types
  • [#589] Fix apk's with single packages named "android" to allow decoding
  • Fix bad NIO2 problem on Windows - funorpain
  • Add API 19 aapt and internal frameworks
  • Fix locale problem on windows with non-English languages
  • Re-factor document manipulation related functions
  • Re-factor use of Gradle with non-release builds
  • Fix invalid use of MNC_ZERO in MNC qualifier
  • Rework manifest renaming to correctly handle Google Apps with their renamed manifests.
  • Add more and more unit-tests

Current Issues

HTC - issue #534
We have that com.htc.resources.apk file, which released during ICS days had a size header of 38-40 bytes. We haven't seen a stock AOSP 38 byte header until the inclusion of the RTL/LTR layout qualifier. So HTC is doing something non-standard which is proving to be difficult to find what that is, apktool still doesn't handle some HTC applications correctly as of now. Follow the above bug report to be notified of any changes.
Google Apps rebuild problem - issue #526
This is a strange little problem. Long story short. The hack of the "public.xml" we use to maintain constant resource ids, causes the resources to be public. Apparently in new Android (4.3+), references to framework resources (0x01 package id) are not allowed. The system fails to associate the resource, since its in a different package. We are working on maintaining constant resource ids without changing the resources to be public. Follow the above bug report to be notified of any changes.


Development is slow, we know. I know. Current iterations of Apktool 2.x are stable enough for use though. We may have outstanding bugs, but the underlying parameters / options will not be changing at this stage.

On another note, Google deprecated their download service. Test versions of Apktool 2.x will be hosted on my own server while the final version will be probably hosted on Bitbucket, due its free download functionality. 


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