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During a lunch at work, I discovered via coworker the filmmaker Neil Breen. Without reciting his Wikipedia page, all his films are self-produced and as evident by them - quite low budget. As of today (November 4, 2018) there are 5 films:

  • Double Down (2005)
  • I Am Here...Now (2009)
  • Fateful Findings (2013)
  • Pass-Thru (2016)
  • Twisted Pair (2018)

Here are the snippets of each movie

A brilliant computer loner seizes Las Vegas and its terrorist attack, while fighting against his fits of clinical depression and obsession for romance and death.
Double Down
Disappointed by its creation, the almighty being that created Man arrives on Earth in a human form and interacts with various troubled, wicked and sinful people on his journey to Vegas.
I Am Here... Now
A computer scientist/novelist reunites with his childhood friend and hacks into government databases, while facing the dire and fateful consequences of his mystical actions obtained as a child.
Fateful Findings
A messianic entity from the future travels to modern-day earth to wipe out 300,000,000 "bad people" and usher in a new era of peace.
Pass Thru
Identical twin brothers become hybrid A.I (artificial intelligence) entities, yet torn in different directions to achieve justice for humanity.
Twisted Pair

Each film follows the same pattern. Some entity (Neil Breen) upset with the world needs to cleanse it via some crazy acting, stock footage and monologues of random current event news.

What makes these movies interesting is the ecosystem around Neil Breen. For example his Twitter bio still references his 4th movie Pass-Thru while his 5th movie has been the constant talk for the past few months.

The Website(s)

http://www.fatefulfindings.biz (Custom)
http://www.pass-thru-film.com (Custom built)
http://www.twisted-pair-film.com (Wordpress)

From a developer point of view - these websites blow my mind. The first two make sense from someone messing around with HTML/CSS, but the 3rd website is powered via WordPress. How someone can manipulate Wordpress to make it look so strange - I don't know.

The trailer for these films are just as interesting as the website. Here is the first movie (Double Down) and last movie (Twisted Pair) trailer.

Purchasing Films

For films such as Fateful Findings & Pass-Thru, PayPal links will redirect you for

  • Domestic - $25.95
  • International - $41.95

Which is quite a steep price to pay for a film, especially when it says

* The DVD will be sent via USPS (U.S. Postal Service)
* Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
* Made in the USA. In English. No subtitles. No artwork.
* The DVD will be in NTSC or PAL standard. The DVD buyer shall select NTSC or PAL standard.

All in all, buying these movies is tough and you'll be getting a disc with none of the features that become expected in today's world. It'll take weeks to show up and you'll pay more than you want, but then you will get to experience a Neil Breen film.

If you want to purchase some of his older films - good luck. Our best knowledge is a cryptic tweet from the man himself.


So purchase a different film and slip some notes into the description. A few weeks will pass and hopefully the film you intended to purchase will show up at your doors. When they do - you will get to experience some of these moments.

Twisted Pair (2018)
I Am Here...Now (2009)
Double Down (2005)

These films are full of actors and actresses that I wonder how they found themselves on the set of one these films. Acting so bad or awkward at times - it's hard to watch, but at that same time much like The Room I continue watching.

As a few of the films end they keep giving with an interesting note.

Any of the above listed companies in the credits with an 'N' or a 'B' in their name are fictitious. This work was actually done personally by 'Neil Breen'.

So you sit reading the credits trying to pick out every fake company and person that is actually Neil Breen. Why he does this? I can't begin to know.

If you stumble upon a Neil Breen film, grab a friend and watch it. It'll be the best worst experience watching a film you have.

If you are reading this Neil, keep kicking ass. Someone has to lead the "cult bad" film industry.

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