Ramblings of a Tampa engineer
Made by Graeme at Sourcetoad

Welcome to 2020 with a new resolution for myself. After attending a few meetups around Tampa I wanted to create my own, but didn't want it to become a task vs a hobby. So I made a meetup with the goal to speak once a month and then shut down the group after a year.

This group will be about digital security, but not highly specific to any field. For example, I want to talk about the basics of SQL Injections but also the common confusion between encryption and hashing. All talks will follow the same pattern in the format of discussing history of the topic, a bit of basics for it and then prevention measures (if applicable).

My discussion topics (which may change) are as follows:

  • January - SQL Injections
  • February - XSS/CSRF
  • March - MITM/DDoS
  • April - Vulnerabilities and 0-days
  • May - Data Breaches & Passwords
  • June - Serialization and XXE
  • July - Tracking & Cookies
  • August - Bots & Scams
  • September - HTTPS/TLS/SSL
  • October - Malware & Ransomware
  • November - Encryption vs Hashing
  • December - WiFi Hacking

After giving this idea to a few co-workers, I needed help coming up with a good name for the meetup. I didn't want to do something boring, so co-workers helped me come up with a list of good names.

  • Shell this
  • SUDO Come to this Meetup
  • CLICK_HERE.exe
  • Amazing Exploits

After a bit of thinking, I went with CLICK_HERE.exe. Unfortunately going through review with meetup.com resulted in the following:

Click Here.exe - as excessive caps not allowed.

So the meetup was born with a lowercase iteration due to rules. The page is under creative construction for some banner and logo images, but the first event is scheduled and ready to get started.

In terms of the content of the meetups. I just wanted to talk about so many things that interest me without going into extreme technical details. I had noticed at other meetups around town that things I thought were common knowledge in this field was actually not known. So my goal is to help teach a good intro for a variety of topics.

All slide decks as they are presented will join my growing collection.


It is fun seeing how my style of decks have evolved since my first talk and how they look a few years later.

In closing, if the year is still 2020 and you are reading this in the Tampa Florida area. Feel free to drop by for a talk - hopefully you'll enjoy it. You can find the times and locations on meetup.com here.

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