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Bringing clan stats internally

Language: PHP (Laravel 5)
Storage: Redis (cache), MariaDB (database)
Design: Miniport (layout), Skel (grid), Semantic-UI (elements)
Source: Gitlab (Private)
Location: http://pandalove.club

A common trait after playing a few games with my friends is to open the "Post Game Carnage Report" to check out who did the best & worst. However, easily getting to the information on the busy site of Bungie would take awhile. Sure there were other sites available for this, but they also suffered from a crowded design and ads.

This is when PandaLove was born. A simple domain to house a site that would isolate our clan stats from others, allowing us (our group) to view it quick and easily.

This project used Laravel 5 with the amazing Socialite plugin to handle a seamless login authentication with Google. The layout was obtained from HTML5UP and tweaked a lot with the addition of the CSS framework Semantic-UI. It was my first attempt at using the css content attribute. (Helped add labels to table on mobile).

Screenshots of the Project

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