Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

I made my online alias in 4th grade called "Dark Peach". I wanted to have a dark name associated with a Peach, as I had a peach tree. That xbox live account was a modding account and was quickly banned. I next moved to iBotPeaches, which was a combination of iRobot (the movie) and Peaches (peach tree). That name has stayed with me ever since then. All sites I feel I was a part of listed below.


  • Halomods (annoying kid member)
  • Xbox-Scene (annoying member who was just trying to learn)
  • Zeromods (staff member, who broke off and made iBotModz)
  • Novelconcepts (Made a TD Circle tutorial for Candystand)
  • CasualCollective (Radio DJ & beta-tester of CC 1)
  • ActionReplay (Added lots of AR mods for Halo 2)
  • phpBB (Helped with support and worked on an Arcade modification)
  • Elgg (Helped initial development of plugins)
  • iBotFiles (Owner, shutdown - Website for file hosting. Mediafire's launch removed need for this website)
  • Xenforo (License owner. Just take part in Community discussions)
  • IPB (License owner, release mods & skins. Take part in community)
  • iBotModz (Owner - Console modification community)
  • ReachStuff (Owner, shutdown - Website for my product ReachStats)
  • IPBStuff (Owner, shutdown - Website for my IPB products. Client Marketplace on IPB removed need for this website)
  • StackOverflow (Just answer PHP / xbox questions)
  • MinecraftForum (Did little work on SimpleServer in its infancy)
  • XDA-Developers (Senior Member. Updated apktool after v1.4.3)
  • GitHub (Forker & Random other projects)
  • BitBucket (Used for free private REPOs. Hosts all my private scripts)
  • Cyanogenmod(Just a forum member)
  • MIUIAndroid (Admin & Developer of build scripts for all official MIUI ROMs)
  • 343Industries.org (Manage copy of ReachStats on that website)
  • apktool (Developer after version v1.4.3)
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