Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

I see more and more users posting "teardown" like material. I've seem to have sparked some interest, as I had never seen anything related to this since I began these teardowns. So lets continue with 1.47.0 and keep doing what your doing community!

Verification / Invites ?

startup-invite-redeem: { }
startup-dim-blue: { }
boot-code: { }
startup-touch-to-request-activation-code: { }
startup: { }
startup-invite-redeem: { }
startup-request-activation-code: { }
startup-transmit: { }
(additional new layout classes. Imagine CSS like)

Ingress isn't invite only anymore so I'm a bit confused why these new classes are named "invite".  Some have to do with activation, so maybe new accounts will be forced to activate immediately after registration.

As you can see in the above screenshot. Lots of "old" layouts in relation to signing on were removed in favor of new ones. So maybe we are prepping for a new dialog welcome screen, or just refactoring of the code-base.

Languages Abstracted

The language lines in relation to SMS have been abstracted to res/values/strings.xml (along with locale(s) de and ja).

The dump of these new strings can be found here.

Capsules :o ??

As we first found in 1.46.1, Capsule have made a new reappearance as their item development finishes. A description has now been attached to the item.
const-string/jumbo v5, "A storage container that can hold other objects (can't hold another Capsule)."


There is a lot of refactoring in this version. Tons of things have simply been renamed and reorganized. When a code base is being organized (from experience), that either means a big feature is coming or that a simpler code base is wanted :)

Yes, this teardown is small. Sorry bout that, I dig and dig, but these versions have less and less changes. (Maybe this means effort is going towards iOS or anti-cheating research)

However,  my automated comparison script is almost done. It helps by reducing the usual 500 or so different files to around 20. It removes any diff that is just obfuscation changes. (EX: ac -> ab) thus leaving only real source changes.


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