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I'm a little late on this teardown. I was out of cell-phone range for a week and came home to see a new version had been released. This week we dive into the new feature: Capsule with lots of details.


We have seen the additions of the object (.obj) files for the capsule item. The list is as follows:
    • capsule_divider.obj
    • minus_icon.obj
    • plus_icon.obj
    • selection_brackets.obj
    • tri_arrow_up.obj
    • capsuleResource.obj
    • capsuleResourceUnit.obj
    • capsuleResourceXM.obj
Maybe that is all you need to see the connection, but I'll write it out for those who missed it. People requested "mass item" drops, etc. Now we have a capsule like container, with the ability to add/minus and select multiple items. (We can infer this via the object names above)

Capsule Features / Options

iput v3, p0, Lcom/nianticproject/ingress/knobs/ClientFeatureKnobBundle;->enableCapsuleInventoryFilter:I
This above snippet is called "enabledCapsuleInventoryFilter".  Maybe we are looking at, a similar filter like your inventory can do, but strictly for the capsule. EDIT: This is what was found in the section below called "Inventory Sorting".

Capsule related strings

const-string/jumbo v2, "[ This capsule and its contents will be destroyed ]"
const-string/jumbo v1, "Recycle: CAPSULE"
const-string/jumbo v5, "A Capsule is a storage container that can hold other objects."
These new/modified strings help show that recycling/removing a capsule will destroy all the objects inside of it. So be careful with them :p

Inventory Sorting

Our current list of sort-able inventory is:
  • All
  • Capsules
  • Media
  • Mods
  • Portal Keys
  • Power Cubes
  • Resonators
  • Weapons
Capsules has been added to this list as its own group of items. So you can quickly sort to your capsules.  (How we can quickly peek at what is in those capsules, I have no idea)

Container / SimpleContainer

We have 2 new files in the apk called Container and SimpleContainer. We can examine the methods contained in these files to learn more about capsules.

Container (the interface)

.method public abstract getCurrentCapacity()I
.method public abstract getCurrentCount()I
.method public abstract getStackableItems()Ljava/util/Set;

As you can see. Capsules will have a capacity (Maybe depending on common vs very rare).

SimpleContainer (the class)

const-string/jumbo v1, "currentCapacity"
const-string/jumbo v1, "currentCount"
const-string/jumbo v1, "stackableItems"

Nothing more here than more exposure to the features of the capsule.

Sounds (related to Capsules)

HTML5 required Close Capsule

Open Capsule

Speech Capsule


Glyph Hack Required?

const-string/jumbo v0, "Portal lock down. Glyph hack required."
So apparently a portal can be locked down and require the use of the Glyph game to hack. Maybe this is related to events.

Verified Level Up / Verified

.field public final verifiedLevelChanged:Z
.field public final verifiedLevel:I
.field public final reward:Lcom/nianticproject/ingress/shared/promotioncodes/Reward;
It seems (rumor time), that future rewards on a new level will only be given to verified accounts.


.field private final verifiedLevel:I

Let me ask you why would verifiedLevel be an Integer, when we already have a Level variable that does just that. Is it possible that players can maintain a different level between verified / unverified? Or maybe this verifiedLevel is like a ladder, where there are multiple steps to get verified, and the Integer represents how verified you are.

 Random Changes

  • The badge popup screen layout changed a lot. So look for a visual change there.
  • Inconsolata font removed
  • Region score widget images removed, more 9patch / gradients.
  • The "title_dialog_confirm_switch_team_to" string has been removed.


Hope you liked this one. Since other sites are beginning to investigate the APK, I will continue and try to bring new information, instead of regurgitating what is already out there. Missed anything? Have an opinion? Comments are below
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