Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

Continuing with investigating Capsules as we did with 1.48.0, lets look at 1.49.0. Small changes this week, so another small teardown.


More objects files have been added.
    • capsule_divider_left.obj
    • capsule_divider_right.obj
    • inventory_icon.obj
More strings have been added.
const-string/jumbo v2, "Error. Unable to use Capsule."
const-string/jumbo v2, "Error loading item into the Capsule."
const-string/jumbo v2, "Error unloading item from the Capsule."
const-string/jumbo v2, "Error. Item is not a Capsule."
const-string/jumbo v2, "Error. Capsule operation failed."
const-string/jumbo v3, "Capsule is empty"

New UIs

There are new files around called "InventoryTransferUi". These files seem to be a new layout for transferring items to a capsule. This layout uses some interesting functions
    • min()
    • max()
    • RESET
    •  const-string/jumbo v5, "Specify quantity."
So the much requested easier method of multi-drop is coming it seems. There is no arguing with that above bit of information.

Capsule Viewing

There is a new layout which has a primary action of "Open". So it seems when you have multiple capsules, the only way to "peak" what is inside will be to click on each one, then open it. (This is of course strictly a guess, but there is nothing in the APK that lends this thought a different direction)

New Sounds

A new sound called "sfx_ui_success_allegro"

Its only 1 second, but I figured I'd post new sounds no matter what.

Unverified Status

According to reports in the field, the unverified checks are starting to come into play. (Requiring verification to drop items, hold more than 100, etc)

I've found a new Enum, which defines this unverified status

    • EXEMPT
When I verified via phone, I probably went straight from UNVERIFIED to VERIFIED. It seems there might be a manual verification as shown by "PENDING", maybe according to the verifiedScore I discovered last week, some accounts will need to be manually verified.

Obvious Changes

    • Agent tab redesigned
    • Medium font replaced with small font in lots of places
    • Large font replaced with medium font in lots of places

Closing Thoughts

I feel like Capsules might already be in the wild for those on 1.49.1, since 1.49.0 was built on April 2nd.
const-string/jumbo v0, "2014-04-02T20:13:28Z 54aa6009cb17 opt"
The last time I saw a build date trail the publish date by this long, was when regional scoring was enabled for 1.43.1, but not for 1.43.0. I feel this is the same thing. Get ready Capsules are very close.

Otherwise this release is small, but with two big changes. A redesigned Agent tab and a very completed Capsule, of course with a few bug fixes here and there.

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