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Apktool 2.0.0 RC4 has been released. I was going to tag this version as 2.0 Gold, but since RC3 introduced a completely written aapt that caused a plethora of errors. I've decided to hold another release candidate.

This released contained 47 commits by 6 people. 27 of the commits belonging to the updated smali release. Notable in this release is the fix that aapt introduced with implictly adding qualifiers. This caused resource directories to change from drawable-hdpi to drawable-hdpi-v11 as an example. This in theory shouldn't of broken anything, but bug reports proved otherwise.

Since Apktool isn't your "first" tool to build an APK. I determined it was best to just skip this step of adding qualifiers. 0xD34D from Cyanogen helped me figure that out.

Changes since RC3

  • Updated to smali/baksmali 2.0.5
  • [#685] - Fixed select invalid attrs from Lollipop APKs
  • [#713] - Added support for APKs that utilized Shared Resources
  • [#329] - Fixed issue identifying strings that were named liked filepaths as ResFiles
  • [#590] - Fixed isolated issue with segfaulting apks
  • [#545] - Fixed issue with undefined attributes
  • [#702] - Fixed invalid treating of MNC_ZERO which caused duplicate resources
  • [#744] - Fixed ugly warnings of "Cleaning up unclosed ZipFile...."
  • [#757] - Fixed downloading gradle over http, instead of https
  • [#402] - Fixed issue with framework storage when user has no access to $HOME


There was no framework update in RC4, but if RC4 is your first version please delete the file at $HOME/apktool/framework/1.apk before trying RC4.


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