Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

Apktool RC3 has been released. This version brings Lollipop support, support for QMGs and merged a patch provided by JEB (The Android Decompiler). After 8 betas and 3 release candidates, I want RC3 to be our last one prior to gold. I'm hoping for our next version to be 2.0.0, assuming no major errors crop up.

Changes since RC2

  • #447 - Fixed bad cast of ResStringValue to ResAtr by handling ResStringValue correctly (Thanks whydoubt)
  • #688 - Fixed issue with large windows and linux aapt binaries.
  • #689 - Fixed issue with hard coding extension as PNG.
  • #653 - Added Android Lollipop support.
  • #706 - Added support for TYPE_DYNAMIC_REFERENCE.


Please delete the file at $HOME/apktool/framework/1.apk before trying RC3. A change in the internal framework requires this file to be deleted.

This is the first public version with Lollipop support, it is possible I missed something. If something isn't right, feel free to submit a bug via the links below.