Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

Apktool v2.2.2 has been released! This is a bug fix release for Android Nougat in addition adding Android 7.1 resources.

This release also introduces 32 and 64 bit binaries for the internal macosx and unix aapt binary. This was in response to upgrading the internal aapt to 64 bit and not providing any solution for the 32 bit users. While I don't think anyone should be using 32 bit at this point, it wasn't too much effort to additionally support this change. However, because of this our final jar for apktool grew by about 2.6mb.

This release had 25 commits by 4 people.

  • Connor Tumbleson (iBotPeaches) - 22 commits
  • Andrei Conache (xpirt) - 1 commit
  • peter23 - 1 commit
  • GabrielTK - 1 commit

Changes since v2.2.1

  • [#1349] - Android Nougat - 7.1 Support
  • Upgrade internal aapt to android-7.1.1_r4.
    • 7cc18d91 - Return early from filename checks(Allows unicode filenames)
    • 8ae80ab8 - Ignore character checks on XML files.
    • 7945c72f - Can build with any pkgId (Thanks peter23)
    • e37c8eab - Remove do/if from reserved list.
  • Upgrade gradle to 3.3.
  • [#1370] - Fixed NPE when styles had a parent that didn't exist.
  • [#1382] - Fixed issue that TYPE_DYNAMIC_ATTRIBUTE was treated wrongly. (Thanks xpirt)
  • [#885, #1389] - Fixed issue with APKs that had invalid characters.
  • [#1384] - Prevent vector images from being versioned on build.
  • [#1369] - Fixed issue with APKs that have invalid characters in filename.
  • [#1394] - Fixed build issue where space was in filepath.
  • [#1360] - Fixed issue with APKs that have 3 non-positional attributes.
  • [#1119, #989, #1278, #1377, #1091] - Fixed issue with APKs that required non-standard pkgId's. (Thanks peter23)
  • [#1404] - Fixed issue with APKs that use reserved words.


This version has a lot of changes related to aapt. More and more of our bugs seem to be problems at the aapt level as OEMs and other companies modify applications at the low level that aapt operates at.


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