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A couple weeks ago I wrote an interesting post about maintaining an open source tool. This project being Apktool, which I've maintained with the help of some contributors since 2011. A lot of time has passed since 2011 and I've gone from a student with too much time on his hands to working a full time job. My hobby projects have suffered from this change in free time as shown by the frequency of releases and commits to Apktool.

I'm happy to announce that Apktool has received an amazing sponsorship from my workplace - Sourcetoad.

You will notice two new commits to the project which are adding some sponsorship information. This is nothing more than some background and links to Sourcetoad.

What this sponsorship will allow is the Apktool project to grow in terms of the support, maintenance and development it receives. With this excellent news and the help of a co-worker at Sourcetoad I've introduced a new logo to the project.

What had been used from an unknown source since 2010 is now being replaced with a bit more modern logo.

old logo


new logo

With every good announcement, there is always those that look for the bad. So I'd like to clear up any confusion.

Q: Who has access to Apktool now?

A: Myself (Connor Tumbleson) and (Ryszard Wiśniewski). The same two people since 2011, nothing has changed there.

Q: What direction will Apktool take?

A: The project's future is still in the hands of the project and community contributors so we will continue to follow existing feature requests and bug reports.

Q: Will Apktool remain free and open source?

A: Yes! The project will remain under the Apache2 license and work will be continued in the open source space.

Q: What is Sourcetoad?

A: They are my employer and you can find out more information about them on their website.

Q: What are the details of the sponsorship?

A: Since my own employer is sponsoring the project I've been given a solid amount of time to work on the project from work instead of a traditional X per month/year sponsorship you may have seen in other projects. This allows me to leverage a good portion of both work and hobby hours towards the project.

I'm excited for this change and look forward to see Apktool evolve with the additional time given to support it. Yes, I know we have 78 open bugs :)

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