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This post has always been a thought in my head and draft for awhile, but now this is the week where I finally complete it. This is a brain dump of things that just confuse my brain when I attempt to seek a solution. There might be a solution or answer for some, but they still boggle my brain.

The UFO - "Bob Lazar"

Netflix - Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Flying Saucers

In the early days of civilization before the boom of technology, I imagine lots of things were exaggerated because there was no video proof. Today in 2020 we suffer the reverse problem that deep fakes are so good you can have video proof and be unaware if it is true or not.

So the above, Bob Lazar, in short claimed alien technology was being studied at S-4 (A facility at Area 51) that leveraged elemental 115 to provided propulsion on a craft. At the time he mentioned 115, that was not an elemental yet - it is now known as Moscovium.

It just seems so insane and with no proof and more and more records proving otherwise, it either is the largest cover up in history or he is lying. Either way - I want to know.

The Nuclear Race

Atomic Heritage

For those alive in the 1960s onward you probably remember the huge race for nuclear power and expansion of cities. It was cut short due to public perception of safety after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents. Nuclear accidents, as I blogged, can be immensely dangerous harming citizens simply in range of a nuclear plant.

While these accidents are overall quite small in the grand scheme of nuclear power - I'm just wondering why we haven't built any nuclear power since 1990. We are a civilization that has 30+ years of additional knowledge. Can't we build things safer and better? I've watched phones in my short life time evolve from useless flip phones to mini computers packing 8gb of RAM in my pocket.

Maybe nuclear power will expand in my lifetime.

Steven Avery

Making a Murderer

This is a story that just grinds my gears. Steven Avery was wrongfully convicted in 1985 for a sexual assault and then got free 18 years later when evidence exonerated him. While a lawsuit was ongoing against Manitowoc County, Mr. Avery found himself once against accused of a crime - this time a murder of a women whose bones were discovered on his property.

At first glance this seems like a slam dunk case, especially with a confession from Brendan Dassey. However, the more you read about this case the more it gets strange.

  • Dassey's confession is believed to be a lie (Dassey was 16 at the time)
  • Manitowoc excused themselves from the case due to the ongoing lawsuit
  • However, Manitowoc officials discovered all the incrementing evidence days after crime scenes were searched multiple times...

Everything about this trial and evidence just smells, which basically leaves two opinions. Steven spent 18 years in prison planning a murder for when he was released or Steven was framed due to an ongoing lawsuit by the state for 36 million.

I don't know what to believe anymore, but boy I want to know - because this itches my brain.

Epstein didn't kill himself

Stephen Ogilvy - Cosmo magazine, July 1980

This is just a disgusting story where a wealthy individual (~500 million) Jeffery Epstein gets caught and pleaded guilty of just sexual disgusting things with underage women. We are talking prostitution, solicitation and trafficking - so pretty damn bad.

What makes this even worse is this is a wealthy individual had private residences on the Virgin Islands which have been claimed to be wired with hidden cameras. So other wealthy individuals would visit under promise of underage women and be recorded for blackmail.

Until he was caught and thus in prison. Truth was coming out and the iceberg of how large this scheme was growing. That was until July 23, 2019 where Epstein was found dead in his cell. Lets figure out why this is suspect.

  • He was moved in a special unit with a cellmate to be checked every 30min
  • His cellmate was transferred and was not replaced
  • Guards failed to check on him for 3 hours
  • The cameras malfunctioned that faced his cell
  • The guards falsified records

The public wants to believe that someone in the circle of big money asked for him to be killed before he talked. Federal prosecutors seem to agree something is fishy so they are still investigating. I want to know what happened in that prison before I die.

4 stories. 4 things that confuse me. Maybe one day that list will shorten with the truth released.

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