Ramblings of a Tampa engineer
Biker on a bridge
Photo by Drew Coffman / Unsplash

Welcome to Florida where you have folks from all over the world visiting for vacation, intoxicated kids for spring break and the elderly living to their last day. We have every type of driver here.

The Racer

This driver you'll usually encounter in pairs on roads and highways. You'll notice the racer(s) approaching when a set of cars that passed you minutes ago are slowing down drastically inline with another car. Sure enough, once they meet back up they rev their engines and off to race to the next finish line.

Incredibly annoying and dangerous as they race between cars and the smell of burning rubber is in the air when they are around.

The Death Wish

This driver must not want to live on this planet anymore. You'll see them swerving traffic like the end of the world is near. They haven't heard of turn signals or speed limits and you'll only recognize them in the split instant they speed by. You'll make a double take and by that point and they are already splitting cars in front of you.

The Distracted

You'll look over at an intersection and this person is currently 6 chapters deep into a Reddit thread on their phone. It doesn't matter the light is green - they are more focused on a little 6" display then moving onward to their destination. You'll give them a little honk and they will speed up like the tail is on fire to make up for it.

The Elderly

This person has had a car for longer than you've been alive, but they've lost their touch. They are probably putting 55mph in the far left lane on a 70mph highway. Mixed with the young and the old you realize you might be on the set of Death Race with how often these folks are/cause an accident. You wish for everyone's safety that these folks get re-certified to drive in person every few years, but that won't happen anytime soon.

The Spring Breakers

These folks just landed in Destin and its spring break. They probably have a rental or drove a car down here themselves. They are don't know how Florida roads are and they are rushing to the beaches to party. You'll recognize this car in the city as the windows are down, music is blasting and there's far too many young kids in the vehicle.

They are recklessly driving and its a weekday and you just want to get home from work without getting stuck behind or in an accident.

The Confused

These folks aren't from here and they haven't learned about Google Maps yet. You'll notice as they slow down for each possible turn without a turn signal debating to turn right or not. Even worse for some they'll be slowing down in a lane to swerve across traffic to make a turn.

You also might encounter them in the inner city going down a one way street the wrong direction. These poor souls are in over their heads and should use Uber or Google Maps next time.

The Nerd

This driver will notice the light turn red from 1,000 meters out and let off the gas. They will coast to the light at slower and slower speeds forcing every driver to go around them or additionally conserve gasoline. You'll recognize this driver in slow traffic on the highway because they have more space between the car in front of them than any other car. Too bad that space to coast won't last as 4 cars squeeze in the stop and go traffic.

The Worker

This individual lives here and is just heading to work. They know the roads inside and out and don't want anything else but to reach their destination. The other personas drive them insane and they won't be slow to reach for the horn or racing around a car. You'll recognize this car when they jump in the opposite lane for a couple hundred feet since they recognize it becomes the turn lane at the upcoming light.

With that, a fun little post about all the types of drivers I encounter daily.

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