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taking sinovac covid-19 vaccination injection
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Not in a demented weird way - I'm literally sick health wise. I don't think I've been sick since the pandemic started in any major capacity, so it was about time I caught something.

Last week on Friday was our company holiday party so the first time I was around ~50 more people than normal. This might have been the contributor to what infected me. The weekend came and I felt great - I worked out on both days and didn't think anything was odd.

Until Sunday night writing the last blog about the World Cup - I started feeling an itch in the back of my throat and I knew that wasn't normal. I figured it was nothing and went to sleep for the working Monday.

Sure enough Monday was not good. I felt a sore throat and had a tiny cough - enough of a reason to stay home from work. So I did but the throat was getting worse - so this time I put in an Instacart order for some healing options.

So while I was barely sick on Monday, Monday night was horrible. I think I totaled 2 hours in total sleep just coughing non-stop. Tuesday just pushed the symptoms further, but I was surprised to have my 2nd covid test negative. I just figured like most in this era - that if I'm getting sick its probably covid.

When Wednesday hit and I was no where near better - I figured it was time to schedule a visit with primary care so I could still possibly attend Christmas activities with the family at end of the week. That appointment wouldn't be till Thursday and this was another painful day of symptoms and little sleep.

When I decided to just start my day at 3am on Thursday - it was because I couldn't sleep and I needed a shower/meal to let my throat recover. It was becoming apparent that I would not be joining Christmas this year. At least I was lucky enough to find an appointment for care on short notice. This reminded me of flash backs of trying to schedule an appointment for my back pain and getting appointment slots weeks out.

However, the doctor didn't know what was wrong with me in specific. Short of proving once again that it wasn't covid and a negative strep test - he believed it was something viral and prescribed me:

  • Prednisone
  • Lidocain

Which was a bit funny after I had just blogged about the advertisement of prescription medicine. I found myself being that dumb patient that was using WebMD while waiting for the doctor to be available. I was left in an interesting dilemma - happy that I was getting prescribed something, but upset I was just getting classified as having "something viral". It seems that each doctor is always beyond busy bouncing between people all day - so quick to just try a few things and pass you along for some pills.

Why hasn't our civilization gotten to Elysium levels of healing yet?

When Friday hit I believe I traded the worse sore throat ever for the worse cough ever. I could not say 3 words without going into a cough. I could not eat without coughing. I could not stay still without coughing. All that coughing ended up leading to pressure on my face and led to some nose bleeds.

A week of negative covid tests.

So boy this is a sickness I've never had before. Saturday came and for the first time my sore throat was pretty mild. I wasn't scared to drink a liquid or swallow my food. It was bearable and instead I just traded that symptom for a never ending nose full of mucus.

Netflix held me a great deal of Saturday and I went back to eating regular food like a frozen pizza. Still getting into coughing rampages here and there, but I could at least hold a conversation without going into extreme coughing spurts.

I've surely destroyed all the progress I was making with workouts and long distance running, as I'm about to hit 7 days without a workout. Either way Sunday is here as I write this post and I'm still not quite healthy. I could downgrade my sore throat to very mild and I just feel like a regular cold of congestion now.

Who knows what I had - hopefully in a few more days I'll be back to 100%.

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