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While I don't remember why - a long time ago in 2008 I signed up for last.fm and linked my Spotify account to it. This would then record every song I played for the past 14~ years. Someone at work recently mentioned last.fm and my account was still surprisingly active. With this new huge collection of analytics - I wanted to look at the past 10 years and figure out what my most played songs were in each year.


  • I Came to Party (Deuce) - 245 plays
  • Let's Get it Crackln' (Deuce) - 188 plays
  • America (Deuce) - 163 plays

I don't remember much about this time period anymore, but its clear I was on a real Deuce/Hollywood Undead obsession. I remember learning how the lead singer on Hollywood Undead left and started his own band named Deuce.

The lyrics and songs were way more vulgar than what Hollywood Undead ended up releasing post separation, but I enjoyed the old Hollywood Undead vibe which I instantly remembered from the Deuce album.

So I played a lot of Deuce, but if we look at today - its near never. The songs don't really appeal to me anymore, but funny enough the new Hollywood Undead does.


  • Am I A Psycho (Tech N9ne) - 162 plays
  • Bad Moon Rising (Mourning Ritual) - 117 plays
  • Seeya (deadmau5) - 114 plays

This year reminds me really leveraging random songs that Spotify recommend for me. Also that I was seriously addicted to watching the TV show - "The Following" which heavily used Bad Moon Rising in its soundtrack.


  • Usual Suspects (Hollywood Undead) - 67 plays
  • Day of the Dead (Hollywood Undead) - 63 plays
  • Till It's Gone (Yelawolf) - 58 plays

This looks like that Hollywood Undead obsession came back, but I remember that it was because a new album had dropped. Spotify continued to get smarter and reminded me that I used to listen to a lot of Hollywood Undead, so it recommended the new album to me.

So of course - I found a few songs in that album I liked and played it a ton. However, you'll notice my top song play didn't even break 100. I attribute this to failing to graduate in 4 years like most of my peers. Since I failed two engineering classes - I had to stay an extra semester in order to graduate.

This mean my normal behavior in 2015 was different than most and it was all focus, no fun which led to a decrease of music consumption.


  • Calm Down (G-Eazy) - 189 plays
  • Me, Myself & I (G-Eazy) - 182 plays
  • Order More (G-Eazy) - 176 plays

I believe I stumbled upon G-Eazy on my nights to the bars towards the end of my last semester in school. The beats and songs were catchy and it filled that bit of rap I enjoy listening to. I get into this behavior of just looping an artist until I'm burnt out. So based on the top ten of 2016 - I surely just listened to G-Eazy on repeat until I was tired of it.


  • Tried to Be Nice (Witt Lowry) - 108 plays
  • Numb (Witt Lowry) - 99 plays
  • Silicone Kingdom (Witt Lowry) - 99 plays

This was an interesting year with discovering Witt Lowry who I believe was just a far more explicit sounding Eminem. Based once again on the ten this became the same idea of 2016 - play an artist till death until burnt out.


  • Not Alike (Eminem) - 56 plays
  • Fall (Eminem) - 51 plays
  • Kamikaze (Eminem) - 49 plays

A very small sampling of music listening this year and I remember why. My old Hyundai port stopped working that I used to plug my phone into my car. So my only option for music listening was the radio. However, when I did have Spotify the new Eminem album Kamikaze took over my top ten.

This album felt like old Eminem and had some good tracks in it.


  • You're Going Down (Sick Puppies) - 64 plays
  • Undead (Hollywood Undead) - 62 plays
  • White Rabbit (Egypt Central) - 57 plays

I can tell this top ten is falling into the trap of "Discover Weekly" on Spotify. From getting burnt out of listening to artists or albums non stop, this method of having Spotify give me a playlist weekly of songs it would think I would enjoy was great. It would commonly bring up old songs and new songs and I'd always find a few to add into my liked set.


  • Cruel Intentions (Delacey) - 97 plays
  • Lonely Gun (CYN) - 63 plays
  • Undead (Hollywood Undead) - 58 plays

Another year - another year of Spotify's automatic playlists given to me. I can tell I watched Suicide Squad and pulled some songs from that based on the top ten. However, nothing much to add here - I don't remember anything specific except the start of a pandemic.


  • 30 (Badflower) - 107 plays
  • Play with Fire (Sam Tinnesz) - 86 plays
  • Anthem for the Year 2000 (Silverchair) - 86 plays

Another year - same story. I just listen to what Spotify gives me and once I find a song in the weekly collection I like - I save it and then overplay it until I'm exhausted from that song.


  • Lights and Sound (Yellowcard) - 72 plays
  • Uptown (Drake) - 65 plays
  • You're Going Down (Sick Puppies) - 62 plays

This year I can tell I started using the Spotify playlist called "Your Time Capsule", which found all my highly played songs in past decade. So for sure a blast from the past where I just listened to tons of songs that I overplayed back in the day.


  • When I Grow Up (NF) - 38 plays
  • HOPE (NF) - 36 plays
  • The Search (NF) - 36 plays

Finally, we are still in 2023 but I've been obsessed with listening to NF. The lyrics are great and extremely easy to understand with a dedication to putting out great albums often.

So if we take my top ten artists of all time - we get:

  • Hollywood Undead - 9,837 plays
  • Linkin Park - 9,678 plays
  • Eminem - 6,380 plays
  • G-Eazy - 5,020 plays
  • The White Panda - 3,096 plays
  • NF - 2,901 plays
  • Drake - 2,594 plays
  • Yelawolf - 2,287 plays
  • Witt Lowry - 2,142 plays
  • Deuce - 2,104 plays

I don't even know how to describe that collection of artists, but I'm glad I have the analytics to do further research on this.

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