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I've got a few interesting stories, but they can't survive on their own post so this is the recap.

The Truck Shopper

As I walk out of Publix towards my car - I notice a person just push their cart across the parking lot with a large push. However, what caused me to even focus that - there was no cart station in any area where this individual pushed that cart.

So of course it reminded me of that shopping cart theory that suggests you can detect the moral compass of an individual whether they put their cart back where it belongs. This individual jumps into their truck and I notice that shopping cart they pushed across is actually slowly rolling back.

As they back up - the shopping cart gained enough speed to start really moving and sure enough just rolled into that truck as it was backing up. It didn't just hit the back either - it hit the side due to the angled parking lot and just bumped/slide further down the side of the truck scraping the entire way.

Watching this individual get out furious and then realize nobody was around was priceless. The shopping carts got their revenge this time.

The Older Gentleman

I've been running at the same park every Saturday and Sunday since August of 2022. If you keep a pattern like that - you can easily discover others that keep a similar pattern. I recognize the people who are there every weekend and they recognize me.

Except this one person - I saw them there every Saturday at various different points, but it always ended with them sitting in a field alone with two setup chairs. Typing this out and especially seeing that chair empty for months on end - I should have connected the dots.

However, one day my run ended at 46 minutes which put me halfway around the loop. So I cut back to my car right across that field where that person sat. I said some form of good morning and why that chair was always empty.

The gentleman responded that is wife passed away and she always liked to do a crossword puzzle at the park every week. So he brings her chair and a new crossword puzzle, but joked that he can't solve them though so just leaves them empty for her to do.

I don't even remember how I responded to that, but it was probably a rushed attempt to say something nice given the situation I put myself in. Either way - a lot more respect for that random individual now.

The Missing Pineapple

One day my neighbors garage broke - the little piece that attaches the chain to the door had ripped out all 4 screws. By the looks of the situation - it was down to 1 screw when it failed.

I somehow had the right tools and nuts/bolts to re-add 4 screws and reattach it. So my neighbor the next day gave me a full pineapple as a thanks. She included a note to cut it off near the top and plant it outside.

So I made some rum pineapple smoothies and did as she instructed and planted a pineapple in my backyard removing my dead pepper plant. The next morning I went out and my pot had dirt spilled everywhere and the pineapple plant was gone.

I walked around my backyard and found it in the corner with the bottom portion of the pineapple gone. So I'm guessing the fresh pineapple yellow portion attracted some critter to rip it out and eat it. I went back to the notes my neighbor left and I messed up completely.

I was supposed to keep that portion in water inside for the first few weeks until it developed roots. So that explains why it was stolen and eaten.

That was it - a tiny recap of some events in past few months.

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