Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

Today I executed a plan that was put into motion months ago. I first stumbled upon Ghost in a Kickstarter campaign. It caught my eye because WordPress continues to evolve when I just wanted a clean and simple blog. It has become so big and cluttered admin wise that it has to be defined as a CMS now instead of blog engine.

Ghost solved that problem for me. However, Ghost was very young months ago and I could not get myself to convert that early on. After version 0.5 was released and my name was present in the list of contributors I felt the time was ready to convert. Time passed until I had a free weekend and I began the conversion from WordPress to Ghost.

Instantly I loved what I was dealing with. No more messy PHP files cluttered with a mix of logic and frontend markup. A clean separation of a theme exists in Ghost. These simple express wrapper files exist so I could customize my theme with just a tiny bit of effort.

This is day one of the conversion. You are now looking at a Ghost blog. Welcome to my new home.

If you find a bug with my new Ghost blog. Feel free to leave a comment.

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