Ramblings of a Tampa engineer

Apktool v2.0.1 has been released! Took longer than I hoped due to small edge case bugs, but it has been released. This release also contains the updated smali 2.0.6 release.

This release had 44 commits by the following 6 people

  • Ben Gruver (JesusFreke) - 24 commits
  • Connor Tumbleson (iBotPeaches) - 16 commits
  • Matt Mastracci (mmastrac) - 1 commit
  • Rover12421 - 1 commit
  • Jiří Hruška (yirkha) - 1 commit
  • iam - 1 commit

This release follows Semantic Versioning, so there are no incompatibilities with the previous 2.0.0 release.

Changes since 2.0.0

  • [#928] Fixed version qualifier like v4 from being ignored during decode.
  • [#927] Fixed windows helper script from appending current directory into $PATH. (Thanks Tercete)
  • [#936] Fixed frameworks that were Shared Libraries from affecting the apktool.yml file.
  • [#913] Fixed apks that were crashing on internal attributes.
  • [#921] Fixed ResFileValue(s) being casted to ResScalarValues.
  • [#924] Fixed reading ResConfigFlags twice.
  • [#990] Expose raw index used for resource lookups. (Thanks mmastrac)
  • Correctly add libs and lib folders on [b]uild


If this your first v2.x release. Please read the migration instructions.