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This is now the 9th COVID-19 post, but the 7th in this series of isolation (Day 7, Day 21, Day 35, Day 49, Day 63 and Day 77). While this has just taken a toll on the basics of life - we can dive into what has happened in the past six weeks. I took a break from the bi-weekly posts as this style of life has just become the new normal and thus not much changed every two weeks.

Round 2

Google News - Data from New York Times

COVID is not going away anytime soon with cases spiking as summer nears to an end. However, you can't continue to live life locked down, money must be made and bills must be paid.

At this point, there are so many arguments and discussions and every individual thinking they know the best way to handle this that I've just run out of energy to research arguments and present facts. So instead, let's just peek at the headlines for today.

Coronavirus: Florida reports single-day record of 15,300 new cases
Florida breaks state, U.S. record with 15,300 coronavirus cases reported in single day
Florida Shatters Daily Record With 15,300 New COVID-19 Cases

Not looking good for Florida and schools will be starting in about a month.

Masks and Masks

With the mask order coming to Tampa - you'll need to wear one to pretty much any place you go. Buying barely reusable medical masks is one route, but unless you are packing an N95 fitted for your face - you still run the risk.

So with that, I researched some cool designs and picked up a Panda and USA mask.


So now I carry a mask in my car and one at home. I still run without a mask, but otherwise leaving the house has one on. I don't know how long this will go on, but I might need to buy some more filters at this rate.

College without Campus

I saw an interesting article, where I learned that Harvard would host all undergraduate classes online for the upcoming Fall semester. They would however open up campus for under 40% of students who might not otherwise have the technology in place to learn at home.

What is crazy to think about is the price of tuition of some of these brick and mortar colleges not changing after going to forced online. Imagine a student that paid for a previous year of school that got cut short immediately, then went digital.

Can you imagine that student paying the same price with no campus experience the next year? Sorry, but that is just insane. The world of higher education is about to be shaken up.

Online Education

Khan Academy - COVID Update

Not everyone is watching Netflix during the pandemic and Sal of Khan Academy had a huge influx of traffic to the non-profit education for all company. A glimmer of hope in our dark world.


The inside of my apartment is quite boring at almost day 120, but in the safety of others - it must go on. Errands outside are still only for essentials, but I'm very glad Uber Eats exist. We might take a few more weeks off the "Isolation" series, but I'll be back next week.

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