Ramblings of a Tampa engineer
…wishing I could fly. Excerpt from the poetry collection “This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A F*ck” by Janne Robinson. Published by Thought Catalog Books | ShopCatalog.com
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Around 15 years ago I had a school assignment to produce poems in many different formats. I recently stumbled upon those poems I wrote and now posting them here to be digitized. I read them and realize to most, I look like a deranged child and to others just another random kid.

So enjoy. Misspellings, bad grammar and all - a direct port.

Sonnet Ballard

There once was a goat named Bill
He live in the town of Dill
He usually took trips to the Hill
The goat takes sips of Thrill

He takes people to the sawmill
Its there, he met Jill
They both went to Kansas, where there are no hills
They met a prophet named Jim

Who told them they were to kill
Even though they were at a grill
The grill was cold so there was no chance for fish
The fish tastes like cherry pits

And those pits were dread
So the goat left dill
And returned to the island of Phil
Once again get reunited with Nill

Free Verse

McDonalds, McDonalds how I hate thou place
I once met my wife there on a date
The service was pitiful, but thats the price I pay
Over serer was nice though his name was Nate

It was raining and pouring that bad day
It still remember my wife say
"This place stinks" lets go see another spot
My wife kept talking so I said, "Okay"

Cause the year is 2037, were taken by bots
It all comes down to how you talk
Some fast, some slow or who shows the most
This poem is dumb, but it ryhmes


Peter Pan
Flies across the land
To find his girl named Hannah
So they can find the Savannah


Sometimes you think you know someone
Till they pull a gun
Then you're on a hike
Until they find you and fight
The fight is over when one is done

Preposition Poem

Through the land I find a sandman
Among him is his band
Beyond that is a plan
During the plan, it will take the land

Below sandman is his enemy Spiderman
Between the suits is Peter, kissing Mary Jane
Amid both of them sits a man
Beneath the man is a bomb


Super Cool
Odd in a good way
Continually Talks
Constantly gains friends
Evades the Tomatoes
Really Enjoys Soccer
Connor is his name
Tumbles, and fall when he walks


Technology is soon too good for us
It slowly gains more info than Gus
As we evolve we improve their world
Till were fighting a full wage war

We think were imrpoving our daily life
When all were doing is killing our bikes
It's too soon so pick a side or wait till they decide
These machines are pulling our life aside

Even Google was become too much
Its because Technology is grasphing the Clutch
We need to take a stand with everything we got
Otherwise we will be left in the dust

It's all too easy, they will learn soon enough
That were the ones that need to rest

Looking back at this shows a few things:

  • I was obsessed with death and weapons, I blame reading a book called "Give a Boy a Gun" that I found in the school library and read.
  • I enjoyed Spiderman and that kicked off my appreciation for the MCU universe
  • I had a good grasp already that technology had a negative side
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