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In a few short weeks on January 19, 2019 I will be speaking at Florida DevFest in Orlando, Florida.

2017 - Attacking Android

This will be my 2nd time speaking at this event, as I spoke about attacking Android applications at the last one.

Slides for the November 11, 2017 Talk at DevFest

For 2017, I spent most of the time block discussing things at the application level. We looked at common methods attackers use to extract information whether from assets or APIs.

I don't want to dwell in this post about talks in the past, but if you are interested you can watch this slightly embarrassing video of my 2017 talk.

2019 - Security & Pie

For 2019, I've taken a different approach with my talk and will be discussing snippets of history regarding security on the device itself. We start from the hardware manufacturers and work our way up to the Google Play Store. What makes this talk interesting is every talking point involves Android 9 (Pie) somehow. This might be showing how Android 9 brought enhancements to an existing feature or something like that.

Slides for the January 19, 2019 talk at DevFest 2019

For those who've attended any of my talks before - you know we explain everything so there isn't a single confused face. If you don't know what MITM, CFI or ASLR is - do not worry. If you are a veteran of the industry with 30+ years, then come on down as well. Perhaps the history aspect will be a trip down memory lane.

I could type plenty more about this talk, but I don't want to ruin the mystery that surrounds it. So I'll leave you (the reader) with our plan of attack for this upcoming talk.

  • System on Chip (SoC) - Hardware
  • Android Platform - Monthly Updates
  • Kernel  - ASLR + CFI
  • Android Ecosystem - PHA + SafetyNet
  • Applications - Signing Blocks

A lot to talk about in 45 minutes, but we will do it with a fun slide deck and energy packed session. Thanks to Sourcetoad for sponsoring my accommodations for the event.

Attending DevFest 2019

Tickets are on-sale and range from $99 to $225 depending your status (student) and other factors.

I don't want to rehash the official website, so just head on down if you want more information - https://devfestflorida.org/. If you are attending - I'll see you there!

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