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2018 steel wool photography
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As 2017 was coming to an end, I wanted to make a resolution that I could complete. Simple an easy - blog once a week. As I write this post, I am setting it to go live at 6:30pm EDT on Dec 30, 2018. When that goes live, I will have successfully blogged every week in 2018.

Some posts have been rushed as I write them before I go to bed on Sunday, while others took days of research and were written slowly throughout the week. While a minor accomplishment, I set a goal and made it. So for this post, I want to recap some of my favorite blog posts of 2018.

My Original Media Center

The above post served as a memory in time for my life in the original Xbox modification scene, which started when I was still in middle school. The hardware remains and still works.

Stumbling into a MLM (It Works!) on Accident

This post started because while being downtown, I stumbled upon a huge gathering of people all dressed in green attire. It turned out to be a party for a multi-level marketing scheme. They haven't posted income disclosures since 2016 - so guess I was right. They are going out of business and just milking money from uneducated people.

9 Months with a Pi-hole

This post was a great analytical deep dive into my Pi-hole Raspberry Pi. It helped show how many analytical requests are sent and just how many things this piece of technology helps block.

The Death of Chronological Order

This post was fueled from pure anger. It seemed more and more of applications had removed chronological ordering and defaulted to some AI based sorting mechanism. Probably to shove ads and more information towards me. Defeating some of the reasons I used these tools, because what is the point of Twitter if the tweets aren't in order?

The Unfair Comparison

This post idea came from a conversation I was having about holding a record at my local elementary school. Technology had allowed us to compare nearly anything with the world and helped show that what was once a record is nowhere near the top in pale with the world.

Decommissioning a Nuclear Power Plant

For some reason I got interested in Nuclear energy. I was googling things and next thing I knew I had spent most of the day researching anything related to Nuclear energy. This led me to research how these complicated sites get decomionished in sa safe manner.

Eradicating Smallpox

What was quite possibly the best featured image I found for 2018 was attached to my post looking into Smallpox. This post was because I heard in the news that our government spent absurds amount of money purchasing TPOXX which is a vaccine to Smallpox. However, if Smallpox is eradicated then why is the government spending money on a vaccine? This post dives into that question.

Halo MCC Revisited

Halo was the first video game I probably ever played that hooked me to it. From the first Halo at a friends house, I was addicted to getting an Xbox for the highly successful Halo 2. Halo MCC was filled with bugs, glitches and more making it a complete utter flop and embarrassment to the industry. Years later, they fixed these mistakes.

I am a Nerd

This post took a strange look at the theory known as NADD. It tries to explain why I act the way I do and how I balance many things. It was based from a chapter I read in a book which resonated with me greatly.

Discovering Neil Breen

A co-worker showed me Neil Breen and it blew me away. Movies that rival the worst best movie of all times. Diving into his ecosystem of movies was filled with interesting discoveries which gave the body for this post.

Water Treatment - Cosme (Florida)

The final post of this recap and this post takes you through the discovery of a water treatment center I stumbled upon. What started as a Google search for US Code 42, section 300i-1 lead to an investigation and research about water treatment plants.

In Closing

I don't know what 2019 holds for my blogging lifestyle, we might continue weekly posts or explore larger monthly posts. Only time will tell. Thanks for reading throughout 2018.

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